Mailbox | What’s In The Box?

I’m always going back and forth about “What’s In The Box?” I don’t think I’ll ever know how I actually feel about it because the two years I spent working on this were absolutely crazy for me. I moved from Florida to Massachusetts and then to Vermont. My studio was plagued by radio interference from a country music station being picked up in my microphones. I was seriously addicted to coffee and could never think straight or make up my mind on anything. I spent a month in Colorado. I bought my first ukulele. But still, not an easy set of circumstance in which to work.

One thing I am sure of about this album is that it was ambitious. Big orchestrated arrangements, shifting styles from moment to moment, longer tracks. I was swinging for the fences which scored a mix of home runs and strike outs. I recorded a ton of material in 1999 & 2000 and some of it I’m actually pleased with. For this release of “What’s In The Box?” I have remixed and remastered all the material recorded and released around this time and picked the best of them to form a single solid album. Dig in.

Though essentially a solo project, the songs are not stripped down bedroom pop. Adam has a penchant for both ear-grabbing hooks and intricate instrumentation that makes his songs sonically and lyrically impressive. …¬†Much like stoner jokesters Ween, Adam writes tunes that jump genres with alarming ease while retaining surreal lyrics and biting wit. …¬†think Styx composing an opera with the Addams family.
Ethan Covey

Seven Days

Track List

  1. Little Toddikins
  2. Little Cocobean
  3. My Uncle and the Goons
  4. Boogie Mambo Chacha
  5. My Monsters and I
  6. East, West, or Cassandra
  7. Chasing the Dragon
  8. Mama’s Got Something
  9. Miss Leading Lady
  10. Keep Sharp Objects Away From Children
  11. If I Was In Jail
  12. Cathousefish
  13. Cream Puff
  14. Edge of the Sea
  15. Pilgrimage
  16. Maybe, Just Maybe
  17. Discobean