April 8, 2023

Hatchford Hotel

  • Lots of writing.
  • Just finished Act I, Scene 6 (minus a few verses here and there)
  • Re-wrote “What Do I Want?” from Abortion: The Musical into “All That I Want” for Hatchford Hotel

Hot Neon Magic

  • A few band practices. Starting to come together
  • We’ve passed from “Oh, shit. This is never going to happen” to “I wish we had just a few more practices before our first show.”
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June 12, 2021

Abortion: The Musical

  • Met up with Anthony, Jenna, and Heather to discuss possible future of the play.
  • We all agreed that we’re not done with it; that it hasn’t reached its full potential. And the topic is as timely and relevant as ever.
  • But without a venue it’s difficult to move forward right this second.
  • It also feels like the world is still groggy from 15 months of lockdown and hasn’t had its coffee yet.
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February 17, 2020

February 2020 Album

  • “What You Don’t Know”
    • Recorded bass and drums this morning (MIDI)
    • Rachael recorded her vocal at home and sent it over. Wow!
    • Then she came by to record her spoken parts for the story it goes with. (pictured)
  • “Sandalwood Geminis”
    • Greg sent over first draft of vocals. We exchanged notes. More to come.

Abortion: The Musical

  • And now I’m off to the reconvening of the cast for the next iteration of this show.
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January 5, 2020

Abortion: The Musical

  • “Waiting for a Sign” demo
    • Recorded vocals
    • Mixed and Mastered
  • All 4 demos done and uploaded

Elephants of Scotland

  • “Reason (WT)”
    • Made rough mumble-demo and sent to JW & RG
  • Next practice scheduled for 1/13/20

What Is Fun?

  • Wrote and recorded podcast opening theme song last month.
  • SAM sent me sample first episode to review and come up with closing theme.
  • Recorded closing theme and sent back to SAM. Approved.
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