Vibbis T’Quahlahhop

This magnificent 57-second opus apparently touches on default values in iPad games; the long-standing tradition of men annoying their wives; self-amusement as our primary goal; the making of a music video; writing with a one-minute limit and, of course, The Residents’ “Commercial Album;” and Greg’s personal belief system of Gamutology.

Songs featured: Neb Crabula “Vibbis T’Quahlahhop”

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May 23, 2020

This is a round-up of the past week.


  • Chameleon remixing continues with invaluable help from Chris Combs.
  • Just about done side 1. Not only is everything sounding “better” but there is an energy to it now that the original never quite captured.

Took a week off from Whale Helmet due to some technical issues and because Greg and I are celebrating our respective anniversaries this week.

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WH07: Endless (pt. 2)

More than just a song title, the writing process for this song has proven to be endless. We talk about its origins in the early 90s and how the song isĀ still evolving and spreading out years after it was first released. We also get into the recording process, the role of Tarot in the lyric writing, and endless variations on a theme.

Songs featured

  • Elephants of Scotland “Endless (pt. 2)” from Execute and Breathe [2014]
  • Mahout “The Lighthouse (An Endless Variation)” – podcast exclusive
  • Adam RabinĀ “A Tapir in Prague (An Endless Variation)”
  • Adam Rabin “Endless (pt. 2) [Demo]”.
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