VF005: Martha Hull

Vermont-native Martha Hull creates cute and deadly art and stories. She is an entrepreneurial artist who has self-published two books and regularly sets up shop at the Burlington Farmers Market. She describes herself as “the love child of Edward Gorey and a flying rainbow unicorn.”

VF004: Adam Cooper Wood

Keyboardist-comedian-songwriter Adam Cooper Wood grew up in California steeped in the music business before moving to Vermont and playing with Uncle Juice, Dig 3, a Vermont production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Physics Club, and making up songs for his own amusement. You can see him weekly now as part of the musical improv troupe Slinky Says Relax.

VF003: DonnCherie McKenzie

Singer/Songwriter (and dancer and actress) DonnCherie McKenzie talks about growing up in Seattle, learning American Tribal dance and joining Leanan Sidhe, starting her band SuGaR and writing songs for their EP SuGaR In The Raw, and what it means to be yourself and express that through music.

VF002: Lincoln L. Hayes

Now-Vermont-based actor, writer, podcaster Lincoln L. Hayes talks with Adam about growing up in rural Colorado, working on 30 Rock and Law & Order: Criminal Intent, creating the Boyfriend Training series, writing and starring in What Kent Did, and Vermont Film Essentials.

VF001: Rev. Diane Sullivan & Brian Sylvester

Rev. Diane Sullivan talks about singing with Dirty Blondes and Everybody’s Favorite Irish Drinking Songs Band, getting naked around Burlington, almost getting abducted in France, and her career as art director at Seven Days.

Then, Brian Sylvester talks about growing up in VA & WV in a government family and how his unlikely path studying horticulture, yoga, jazz & classical guitar, and massage therapy lead to his unique paintings that hang around the world.

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