June 3, 2020

Another round-up of the last few days.

Whale Helmet

  • Recorded episode 9 “Heliopause” but haven’t edited it yet.
  • This will be last recorded episode for this season. (Things Fall chat from March will be episode 10)
  • Greg and I started talking about what’s next for this podcast. Format may change, just brainstorming right now.


  • Chameleon remix project is complete. All mastered with two bonus tracks.
  • New version of cover is done which brings the artwork back to its original aspect ratio.
  • I want to listen to it a few more times before committing but I think it’s all set.
  • I don’t want to release it right now, though. It would be inappropriate due to world events. This can wait.

Adam Rabin solo

  • Finished new recording of “Heliopause”
  • Greg and I agree it is inferior to the original demo from January.
  • I added piano to original demo and called it done.
  • I may do something with the new recording – some kind of instrumental re-arrangement.
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May 16, 2020

This is actually for May 14-16. Again, days blurring together.

Whale Helmet

  • Recorded and edited episode #7
  • Includes a “live in the studio” performance of a new piece by Greg and me. I added guitar to his poem of “The Lighthouse” (or whatever we’re calling it).


  • Continued remix project for Chameleon In A Kaleidoscope album.
  • Sharing mixes with Chris C for feedback and second set of ears.
  • “San Antonio” is done. It is killer. It’s like the original only better.
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May 12, 2020

Days kinda blurring together. Not sure if this entry is exclusively about today or not.


  • Remixed “The Piano That Jack Filled (pt. 18)” due to some really bad vocals at the end.
  • Listened to rest of Jack and it cant be improved upon. The mix and master from original CD (save for pt. 18) will remain for the reissue
  • Started piecing together audio and midi files for “San Antonio…” It will take a lot of work but I can already tell the result will be revelatory.

Whale Helmet

  • Called off Whale Helmet recording for tonight just cuz.
  • I did find a demo of this week’s song (“Endless pt. 2”) from 2000.
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