January 20, 2020

These Are Not My People

  • Began work on “Speed Dating” sketch

Adam Rabin solo

  • Made a quickie “Can’t Get VH No More”
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January 16, 2020

February 2020 Album

  • Had pre-planning talk with Greg
  • We pondered some unique framing devices and concepts for the album (including not using any fancy framing or conceptual approaches)
  • I’m hoping to include as much collaboration with as many different people as possible


  • New (used) Audix f9 mic arrived. Now I have two!
  • Did test recordings with stereo pair on the Taylor.
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January 12, 2020


  • Restrung Washburn with Martin strings.
  • I had success with Martin strings on the Taylor. The Washburn is still meh.

Adam Rabin solo

  • Dove deeper into yesterday’s acoustic guitar recording.
  • I like the Audix f9 mic I used on the bridge. Not so much the Audix f15 on the neck.
  • Might buy a second f9.
  • Remixed & remastered “In Celebration of Greg’s Colonoscopy”
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January 11, 2020

Adam Rabin solo

  • Wrote, recorded, and video’d “In Celebration of Greg’s Colonoscopy”
  • Ostensibly in prep for a possible RPM challenge in February
  • Tried new bass sample and new acoustic guitar mic technique



  • Played piano for kids’ show

Adam Rabin solo (Mahout?)

  • Greg and Donna loved the above video so they sent me footage of Greg recovering from the procedure.
  • I made a remix of the song with his video included
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