July 21, 2020

Covering yesterday and today.

HH Musical

  • Wrote Act I, Scene 2. In the outline, it was a heavy, dark scene. I found the funny. Greg and Kate helped.
  • Found a whole new sub-scene that dips a toe in the Marx Brothers’ legacy.
  • Had I mentioned that we finished Scene 1?
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July 19, 2020

HH Musical

  • Finally wrote a scene-by-scene outline using this format:
    1. Scene #. How this scene moves plot.
      • Setting and time: ____
      • Characters: ___, ____, ____
      • Plot points:
        • list
        • goes
        • here
  • It’s 95% done. But through this process I found a few weak spots. The plot logic is there but it some spots feel unconvincing or forced. Seeking help on these from Greg.
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July 18, 2020

HH Musical

  • Video chat with Greg to discuss process of writing as a duo. I didn’t want to get much further into the writing without establishing our ground rules and division of labor.
  • Then we brainstormed and developed the story lines a bunch more. So much fun!
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July 16, 2020

HH Musical

  • Greg and I have spent the last few weeks batting ideas around related to an old old idea of his and a more recent idea I had.
  • We have a bunch of plot and character ideas that are starting to gel.
  • As ridiculous as these ideas are, I figured it only fitting that this thing should be a musical. Greg was surprised but soon agreed that it was appropriate.
  • Blogging about a writing project is going to be awkward. “Today, I wrote another scene.” Right? So, just assume that I’m always working on this – writing scenes, songs, etc. Even if the writing only happens in my brain.


  • Finally got around to gluing carpet bits to the ceiling over the vocal booth. Just a slight improvement to its acoustics.
  • Also painted some of the exposed beams in the basement. Slow day.
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July 5, 2020

Adam Rabin solo

  • While I had the 12-string tuned to open C, I improvised this little thing.


  • One of the outlines I wrote yesterday could also have a murder mystery storyline added to it. So I researched the common formats of the genre and built onto that.



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