March 15, 2021

30th anniversary of meeting Greg. Celebrated by releasing “Spuds” to Facebook and YouTube.

HH Musical

  • Finished writing “Whose Side Are You On?”
  • It didn’t need another verse. It needed the bridge to repeat and have a soft version of the chorus (with a lyric variation) repeated between them.
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March 13, 2021

Adam Rabin

  • Mixed Robot Dog Studio recordings. Came out better than I thought.
  • Remixed Spuds and Heliopause. Very happy with them now. Ready for release.
  • Played around with mash up of Maiden Voyage and Cigar Box 3000. Meh.
  • Almost know how I’m going to release all this stuff.
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March 11, 2021


  • Mid-day chat about her idea for a new bridge section in “FK”
  • Totally diggin’ it. I’ll work that idea into the rough track later this week.

HH Musical

  • Wrote some lyrical variations for the 4 choruses of “You Gotta Know Your Woman”
  • That song is good to go now. Incorporated the song chart into the script so it’s really official
  • Greg dug the song as well.
  • He asked when we’d be ready to do a table read. I think we’re damn close. But I really want to have all the songs written first.
  • I’m on a roll so I’m going to try and write the last 3 songs over the next few weeks.
  • Maybe I start asking around about doing a table read – might keep a flame under my butt for songwriting.

Adam Rabin

  • Tinkered with idea of doing a mash-up of “Maiden Voyage of the Acrolite” and “Cigar Box 3000”
    • I tweaked the tempo of the latter to match the former – just needed to be slowed by 2 bpm so it’s not noticeable.
    • Slightly different keys. But that never stopped me in the past.
    • Low priority project but something I’ll pick up if I’m only in the mood to dick around
  • And, I heard from Lyle who spent some time working on a guitar solo for “Here For You” which is a tune I started with Adam W and Chris C about two years ago. That song will see the light of day at some point.
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March 6, 2021

  • Did slight tweaks to mixes of “Heliopause” and “Possession” for upcoming release.
  • Was hoping to get back to work on musical script but didn’t have the energy. Instead made a to-do list for the scripting. Made it more doable for when I do feel like it.
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March 4, 2021


  • Final mix and master of “Spuds”
  • Final edit of video.
  • I’m still weighing some ideas on releasing it.

Doing research on Bandcamp’s subscription feature. It definitely has an appeal: steady income and the opportunity to share songs in more bite-sized chunks than just releasing full albums every year or two.

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