September 7, 2020

Things Fall

  • I decided to do a short run CD pressing, probably 100 copies. I’m in the process of designing a full CD package.
  • Finished remixing/tweaking Things Fall album for CD pressing.
  • Bonus tracks include instrumentals of narrated tracks, a few non-album songs, and a killer synth-based remix of “Let The Pain Begin.”
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September 3, 2020

HH Musical

  • Writing continues just about daily.
  • I finally figured out the one character you took her time revealing herself to me.
  • Two scenes left to write. A few songs in various stages.

Things Fall

  • Took a day off the musical to give this album a quick remix.
  • I may release a pay-only deluxe version.
  • I have a few bonus tracks I could include along with the 90-minute discussion that Greg and I had.
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A good day in the studio.

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March 8, 2020

February 2020 Album

  • Made instrumental mixes of incidental music from stories for possible future release.
  • Married up the two recordings of Greg and my phone call from yesterday. Easy enough. I will want to edit it a bit before releasing. We go on some tedious tangents that nobody needs to hear.
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March 7, 2020

What Is Fun?

  • Recorded my interview with S.A.M.
  • Don’t know when episode will be released.

February 2020 Album

  • Recorded a 90-minute conversation with Greg about the making of the album. Did it mainly for my own records as a sort of diary of the month. So much happened and I wanted to jot it down (without having to write.)
  • I recorded my end of the phone call. Greg recorded his and will send it to me.
  • I will release it eventually.
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