Mailbox | Elephino

Remix/remaster of 1998 album with bonus tracks. And a pony. And a lollipop.

Many people who have heard my older music have suggested I make a kids album. Sigh. I have never had any interest in this but I understand where these people are coming from. Elephino is my response. The music is fun and sing-songy but I had nothing lyrical to say that would qualify as being suitable for children. I want to talk about our dangerous views of gods and women, of our need to define things that don’t wish to be defined, of letting love or friendship slip away out of fear.

OK, I’ll admit some of the songs are just plain silly. I mean, dogs building rocket ships?

This album is definitely a product of my distant past but I have fond memories of recording it. Duncan, David and Greg all came by Sara’s and my place over the course of a year helping me piece things together and fill out the sound. We had a real “writer’s room” kind of vibe going on. Lots of laughing and nonsense. The album was just the vessel for some brilliant idea sharing.

Track List

  1. Carnival of the Animals
  2. No Elbows
  3. What is Lissa Walking?
  4. What’s Ever Become Of Julie?
  5. Doodle and the Inner Struggles
  6. Henry the Mouse’s Tea Party
  7. Ahoy! (An Epic Tale of Serology)
  8. Doodle Versus the Cats
  9. Zoo Du Jour
  10. Eddie, Get It Together
  11. Keep It To Yourself
  12. Doodolplex
  13. Bugs
  14. The Fish
  15. Doodle