Mailbox | Chameleon In A Kaleidoscope

This was the first “real” Mailbox album. There were demo tapes (actual cassette tapes) before this, of course. But this was the first time I used real studio equipment to record a full-length project.

Originally recorded in 1995, it was time to revisit and painstakingly remix the debut album for its 25th anniversary. The result doesn’t just sound a lot better but it has more energy and life and I was able to present an additional albums-worth of bonus material.

As with most first albums, I had tons of material but I wasn’t really sure what I wanted my debut to be. I didn’t know how I wanted this hobby of mine to be received by the public. So I tried a little bit of everything. There some geek rock, acoustic pop, prog and even a spoken-word epic.

Track List
Bonus tracks (11-21) only available on mp3 download.

  1. The San Antonio-West Virginia Energy Malaprop Incident
  2. On The Clock
  3. As Long As We’re Here
  4. Everybody Out
  5. A Little More
  6. Tracheas
  7. My Head
  8. Breaking Glass
  9. The Yellow Bus
  10. The Piano That Jack Filled
  11. Tracheas (Acoustic)
  12. The San Antonio-West Virginia Energy Malaprop Incident (Instrumental)
  13. My Head (Acoustic)
  14. The Yellow Bus (Instrumental)
  15. Sumadatym (Everybody Out)
  16. As Long As We’re Here (Instrumental)
  17. A Little More (Acoustic)
  18. On The Clock (Original Music)
  19. Everybody Out (Instrumental)
  20. The Piano that Jack Filled (Pt. 1) (Live)
  21. Tracheas (Instrumental)

Remix/remaster produced by Adam Rabin and Chris Combs