VF024: Erika Senft Miller

Our only true home is our bodies since we bring it with us wherever in the world we go. Erika Senft Miller is a conceptual performance artist who explores dance and movement through site-specific works – as opposed to performances just in theaters or conventional stages. We talk about the journey that brought her from Germany to Sweden to Philadelphia and then to Vermont and all of the lessons she learned along the way.

Be sure to check out the photos and videos from the projects we discussed: Sleeping Babies, SiteTime, and Salt.

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VF023: Diana Mara Henry

Diana Mara Henry photographed some of the key moments of the Women’s Movement in the 1970s as well as the 1972 and 1976 presidential races. Her work has appeared in countless publications and she continues to speak publicly on Women’s History and her work behind the lens. We also discuss her research on the Natzweiler-Struthof concentration camp.

Here are the photos we discussed throughout the episode.
All of the photos are copyright Diana Mara Henry. Visit her website for more!
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Photo of Diana was taken by Kenric Kite

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