VF027: Jessica Amelia

Jessica Amelia is a renaissance woman: a self-taught musician, wood worker, music gear tech, and graphic designer. She has performed and recorded with The Empress Trees, Drive the Hour, The Obvious Tells, and solo to name just a few. We discuss the pros and cons of performing with a band and on her own; the underground Trans Punk scene; and how she uses Instagram to both share her work and connect with others in the Trans community.

Jessica even treats us to in-studio performances of “Gay In Space” and “Never Doubt What We Got, It’s Coming From The Heart.”

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VF025: Al Larsen

Back in the late 80s and into the 90s, Al Larsen was the frontman for Some Velvet Sidewalk, a punk band from the Pacific Northwest. I was checking them out on YouTube and saw a great comment: “Their frontman was my college professor. When he showed this to the class, it blew our minds.” In addition to teaching at Champlain College, he is also multimedia artist and writer whose work utilizes public spaces such as festivals, sidewalks, rooftops, and keggers.

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