December 18, 2022

Elephants of Scotland

  • Final song structure in place for “Tempest of Tarragon” – removed a few bars here, added some there.
  • Then I found a short piece of prose that Greg wrote that I want to use as a spoken piece in the instrumental.
  • Which lead me to another of Greg’s pieces that should be an entire prelude/introduction/separate track
  • So now “The Tempest of Tarragon” will probably be 2 or 3 minutes longer still.
  • TBD
  • Then I rehearses/composed drum parts. Almost there – not quite.

Hot Neon Magic

  • Drum practice. Oy.
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November 5, 2022


  • “My Own Kind of Cool”
    • Recorded Scott McGrath on upright bass (a first)
    • Recorded a quick acoustic guitar track in a jazzy style
    • Recorded DonnCherie’s vocal in one take!
    • We realized this is probably the title track for the album

Elephants of Scotland

  • Bob came by to track acoustic guitar for “HTDN” intro
  • And bass track for “Vanishing Twin”
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