WH07: Endless (pt. 2)

More than just a song title, the writing process for this song has proven to be endless. We talk about its origins in the early 90s and how the song is still evolving and spreading out years after it was first released. We also get into the recording process, the role of Tarot in the lyric writing, and endless variations on a theme.

Songs featured

  • Elephants of Scotland “Endless (pt. 2)” from Execute and Breathe [2014]
  • Mahout “The Lighthouse (An Endless Variation)” – podcast exclusive
  • Adam Rabin “A Tapir in Prague (An Endless Variation)”
  • Adam Rabin “Endless (pt. 2) [Demo]”.
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WH06: The Stampede of Mules – Eddie, Get It Together – The Sniper

What started out as a two-fer quickly becomes a three-fer. So, it’s Triple Shot Tuesday and here’s a set from Mailbox. We discuss the nature of the brain and instinctive Ginsburgian writing; our different approaches to writing lyrics; the stupid kids party known as poetry slams; songwriting in front of an audience; unique vocal deliveries; and the parallel Universe of animals.

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WH05: I’m Jitter Boy

Adam talks about his first ever espresso. Greg talks about the time somebody buried his hair. Other topics include musically interpreting the stages of the coffee rush, creating your own light, finding the perfect caffeine balance, times when Adam ruined Greg’s lyrics, and being either pandering or self-indulgent.

Songs featured: Mailbox “I’m Jitter Boy” from How It Is Nowadays [2003] and Neb Crabula “Choices” [podcast exclusive!]

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WH04: Trains That Never Come

The guys get heavy on this one. For real. Greg and Adam talk about why this song wasn’t on the 4th Elephants of Scotland album, and – for that matter – why there hasn’t been a 4th album yet. They also get into it about which songs work better with the band vs. solo; why solo albums happen; embracing the wrong notes; the power of saying goodbye; and moving on from grief and loss.

Songs featured: Adam Rabin “Trains That Never Come” from The Badger Flies at Dawn [2018] and Greg Skillman “My Train Song” (podcast exclusive!)

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