WH04: Trains That Never Come

The guys get heavy on this one. For real. Greg and Adam talk about why this song wasn’t on the 4th Elephants of Scotland album, and – for that matter – why there hasn’t been a 4th album yet. They also get into it about which songs work better with the band vs. solo; why solo albums happen; embracing the wrong notes; the power of saying goodbye; and moving on from grief and loss.

Songs featured: Adam Rabin “Trains That Never Come” from The Badger Flies at Dawn [2018] and Greg Skillman “My Train Song” (podcast exclusive!)

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April 25, 2020


  • Connected two office dividers to make a vocal booth.

Elephants of Scotland (?)

  • Continued work on new song using bits and pieces from several EoS jams and other ideas.
  • Working title: Never Return

Sketch Writing

  • “Gen X Speed Dating” sketch I wrote a few months ago was performed for “Quarascenes” webcast.
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Composing. (Beats the alternative. Buh-dum-ching!)

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