Adam Rabin | Things Fall

This is the result of the 2020 RPM Challenge. It was entirely written and recorded in the month of February with the help of 20 of my talented friends.

I knew my other projects would be in downtime during February so I thought, why not, let’s see if I can make an album in one month. Unlike the last time I did this challenge back in 2012, I knew I didn’t want to take this all on myself. I posted to Facebook asking if anybody wanted to help. I figured I’d get a couple people offering guitar leads or some backing vocals. I got over 20 responses! Now the challenge became: how do I find stuff for 20 people to do?

This has been, by far, the most fun and rewarding recording project I’ve ever done. I have so many talented and generous friends and it shows.

NEW: The album now includes bonus tracks of instrumental versions, an ambient remix of “Let The Pain Begin,” and two songs recorded for other projects. There is also a bonus-bonus track of a whopping 100-minute discussion I had with Greg back in March to document the month-long project for posterity (only available on the download). It’s funny that the “Making Of” feature is three times as long as the album itself but “Things Fall” was a truly unique experience that I wanted to preserve in any way possible.

Track List

  1. Professor Tabersham’s Flower Pot (part 1)
  2. Things Fall From The Sky All The Time
  3. Professor Tabersham’s Flower Pot (part 2)
  4. Better Off Dumb
  5. Professor Tabersham’s Flower Pot (part 3)
  6. What You Don’t Know About My Man
  7. Ignorance Is Bliss (part 1)
  8. Sandalwood Geminis
  9. Ignorance is Bliss (part 2)
  10. Saving Face
  11. In Everything (part 1)
  12. Let The Pain Begin
  13. In Everything (part 2)
  14. Shows What You Know
  15. In Celebration of Greg’s Colonoscopy [Bonus]
  16. What Is Fun? [Bonus]
  17. Let The Pain Begin (remix) [Bonus]
  18. Score: Professor Tabersham (part 1) [Bonus]
  19. Score: Professor Tabersham (part 2) [Bonus]
  20. Score: Ignorance Is Bliss [Bonus]
  21. Score: In Everything [Bonus]
  22. Things Fall From The Sky All The Time (instrumental) [Bonus]
  23. Adam Rabin and Greg Skillman Discuss Things Fall [Bonus]


Adam Rabin – keyboards, drums, guitars (except where noted)

Professor Tabersham’s Flower Pot
Story by Conor Lastowka 
Music by Adam Rabin 
Conor Lastowka – Vic Tabersham 
Kate Williams – Betsy 
Jenna Emerson – Pattie 

Things Fall From the Sky All The Time
Written by Chris Combs & Adam Rabin 
Mike Lebovitz – lead vocals, bass 
Chris Combs – horns, effects 
Kate Williams – backing vocals 
Adam Rabin – backing vocals

Better Off Dumb
Music by Adam Rabin 
Lyrics by David Delaney & Adam Rabin 
Karlie Kauffeld – flute 
John Whyte – electric guitar 
Adam Rabin – lead vocals 

Ignorance is Bliss
Story by Kate Williams 
Music by Adam Rabin 
Kate Williams – Narrator 
Rachael Sherman – She 

What You Don’t Know About My Man
Music and Lyrics by Adam Rabin 
Rachael Sherman – vocals 
Bob Gagnon – electric guitar 

Sandalwood Geminis
Music by Adam Rabin 
Lyrics by Greg Skillman 
Greg Skillman – vocals 
Chris Cheney – 12-string bass 
Alen Cileli – violin  

Saving Face
Music by Adam Rabin 
Lyrics by DonnCherie McKenzie 
DonnCherie McKenzie – vocals 
Flora Holley – violin 
Jeff Margolis – bass  

In Everything
Story by Greg Skillman 
Music by Adam Rabin 
Jon van Luling – Narrator 
Heather Caldera – Mother Elora 
Sam Kurnit – Derry 

Let The Pain Begin
Music by Adam Rabin 
Lyrics by Jenna Emerson & Adam Rabin 
Jenna Emerson – lead vocals 
Nate Venet – accordion 
Adam Rabin – backing vocal 

Shows What You Know
Music and Lyrics by Adam Rabin 
John Whyte – electric guitar 
Adam Rabin – lead vocal