September 30, 2020

HH Musical

  • Another hilarious weiting session with the Skillmanator.
  • He suggested rhyming “here” with “rear.” I suggested to instead rhyme “what” with “butt.”


  • I got a new laptop.  I’ve spent the last few days loading it up with all software. Its zippy!
  • I’m going to try recording a whole tune at 96/24. Let’s see if it keeps up.

Drive the Cold Winter Away

  • I’ve prepared the guitar and drum mics and pre-mixes
  • Aiming to lay it all down Saturday.
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September 21, 2020

HH Musical

  • Had another productive video chat with Greg to iron out some issues with the final two scenes. Once again, the simplest answers are the best answers.
  • The next-to-last scene should be done this week. This is all, of course, just the first draft.


  • My computer is dying. All kinds of weird Windows error every time I try to start it up.
  • New computer is on its way here. This will push a few recording projects back a week or two. Two, really. No bigz.

DonnCherie McKenzie

  • The recording project with DonnCherie stalled out a month or two ago due to life obligations and each of us being stumped about what to do next.
  • DonnCherie set up a video conference with us and Myra Flynn-Wills. Myra helped us focus our thoughts and approach. Great to have an outside opinion and somebody who can translate Adam-to-DonnCherie and back.
  • Basic track session scheduled for two weeks from now.
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April 25, 2020


  • Connected two office dividers to make a vocal booth.

Elephants of Scotland (?)

  • Continued work on new song using bits and pieces from several EoS jams and other ideas.
  • Working title: Never Return

Sketch Writing

  • “Gen X Speed Dating” sketch I wrote a few months ago was performed for “Quarascenes” webcast.
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