Mailbox | Attempt No Landing

From 1998-2004, I gathered these moody and atmospheric instrumental pieces that didn’t fit on any of my previous albums. They would’ve almost been at home on a Elephants of Scotland album but that was still about a decade away. This album is still very different from anything else I’ve done. Hope you enjoy the ride.

For this 2020 release, I remixed a few of the tracks and remastered the lot for improved dynamics. I also removed two tracks that no longer fit the sound and feel.

Track List

  1. Aria
  2. Lucifer
  3. Europa
  4. Maidens on the Meadow
  5. Great Orbit
  6. Bull Ride to Crete
  7. Jupiter
  8. Long Sleep to Discovery
  9. Debris
  10. Javelin, Laelaps, & Talos
  11. Zeus