Elephants of Scotland | BRAINS!

Elephants of Scotland return after 8 years! For the new collection, the band is joined by accomplished singer Chris Titchner with backing vocals from Lyle King and bandleader multi-instrumentalist Adam Rabin. Greg Skillman once again provides a key lyric (“Cool Rabbits”) and even lays down a guitar riff on the opening track. Bob Gagnon, John Whyte, and Alen Cileli join the fracas with their bass, guitar, and violin skills.

Track List

  1. How To Do Nothing
  2. Vanishing Twin
  3. Cool Rabbits
  4. Fall Away
  5. Too Many Voices
  6. The Tempest of Tarragon (Part 2 of Good Newes From New England)
  7. Picnic

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