About Me

Rock Musician/Songwriter

Since 1996, I’ve been writing, performing, and recording as a solo artist and with fun pop project Mailbox, prog rockers Elephants of Scotland, rootsy Groundhog Day, and collaborating with Greg Skillman in Mahout and Neb Crabula.

I’m pretty darn good on piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, vocals, and drumming. I also have a ukulele, lap harp, three recorders, a melodica, and a whole box filled with random percussion instruments that I can employ when needed … which is more often than you’d think.

Podcast Theme Song Composer

I’ve recently started a side hustle writing and producing theme songs for podcasts. You can hear my compositions on Improvised Weapons, Vermont Favorites, The What the Hell Are You Watching Podcast, and Improv Overdrive.

Musical Accompanist

Perhaps the strangest line of work I have found myself in is as piano accompanist to live musical improv and sketch. I have performed with 2018 VCC March Madness champions She Thicc, the Vermont Comedy Club Touring Company, and am now appearing in the Revelry Theater production Abortion: The Musical for which I wrote the music.