March 11, 2021


  • Mid-day chat about her idea for a new bridge section in “FK”
  • Totally diggin’ it. I’ll work that idea into the rough track later this week.

HH Musical

  • Wrote some lyrical variations for the 4 choruses of “You Gotta Know Your Woman”
  • That song is good to go now. Incorporated the song chart into the script so it’s really official
  • Greg dug the song as well.
  • He asked when we’d be ready to do a table read. I think we’re damn close. But I really want to have all the songs written first.
  • I’m on a roll so I’m going to try and write the last 3 songs over the next few weeks.
  • Maybe I start asking around about doing a table read – might keep a flame under my butt for songwriting.

Adam Rabin

  • Tinkered with idea of doing a mash-up of “Maiden Voyage of the Acrolite” and “Cigar Box 3000”
    • I tweaked the tempo of the latter to match the former – just needed to be slowed by 2 bpm so it’s not noticeable.
    • Slightly different keys. But that never stopped me in the past.
    • Low priority project but something I’ll pick up if I’m only in the mood to dick around
  • And, I heard from Lyle who spent some time working on a guitar solo for “Here For You” which is a tune I started with Adam W and Chris C about two years ago. That song will see the light of day at some point.
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February 18, 2021


  • Laid down a very rough piano part for “FK” to send her and Myra for feedback.
  • Not being modest but I’m not the right piano player for this idea. I hope I got the idea across.
  • Any decent soul/blues/gospel player could bang this out in minutes.

The show I did last week with Tim is being broadcast tonight (now?) but I was too wrapped up in DC’s tune to listen in. I’m sure it’s fine.

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January 30, 2021

This lazy Saturday is turning out to be quite blog-worthy.

HH Musical

  • Got first feedback on the play, from Sam Kurnit. Favorable and constructive.
  • Passed it on to Greg. Waiting to hear back from him.
  • I need to start a new document with everybody’s feedback. Email chains get out of hand very quickly.


  • Arranged and recorded parts for “Blame” – electric guitar, bass and drum programming, loops, etc.
  • We were both very pleased with it.
  • Once she gives it a few more listens, we’ll chat about what we like, don’t like, and want to add.

Adam Rabin solo

  • Set a date and time for recording my appearance on Tod Pronto’s “Coffee with Tod” show.
  • I have the 3-song set list boiled down to 4 songs.
  • Will spend more time today rehearsing.
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January 25, 2021


  • Had a long Zoom chat with Greg to talk about February projects.
  • There won’t be an album-in-a-month this year. Too many other projects of various sizes are already underway or committed to for the coming months.
    • Greg has a writing project of his own.
    • I will be performing on Tim Lewis’ Sounds of Burlington at Robot Dog Studio on February 12th. (No release date yet.) I will be rehearsing for that big time over the next two weeks.
    • I am producing DonnCherie’s tracks. I have arrangements and instrumentations to work on.
    • If there is one project I’m planning on completing in February it’s the musical. I’ve softly committed to finishing the songwriting by 2/28.

Groundhog Day

  • I’m done remixing the GD catalog. On listening back to everything, I came to several realization about what the project was, what it means to me now, and what I should do with those recordings going forward.
  • With that in mind, Scott and I settled on a track list for a compilation of the “Essential” tracks and I will release that this week.
  • I removed the complete four albums from the web. They’re now “out of print.”
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January 23, 2021


  • DC came by¬†safely and we recorded demos (rough tracks? basic tracks?) for two of her songs on guitar and vocals.
  • I can now start (just start) to see where other instruments could go and how to fill out the sound of these tunes. Might not be me who does it, though.
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