May 2, 2021

HH Musical

  • Yesterday and today I wrote up a new outline for the final scene
    • Filled the plot hole.
    • Removed a few threads that, with the new plot hole filler in place, would now be unnecessary.
    • I may do actual scripting today.
    • I’m curious if length of new content will be longer than what was removed. Might be a wash. I’m very cognizant of the length of the script.

Neb Crabula

  • Converted “Charity” video to 16×9 for YouTube (instead of 1:1 for Instagram)
  • Used remixed audio from last month. Did I blog about that?
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April 29, 2021

HH Musical

  • Greg and I put our heads together and found an elegant solution to the script problem we found two days ago.
  • We came up with a ton of supporting ideas/rules. I’m compiling them all now into one place.
  • I will do the rewrite this weekend.
  • Also started writing music for the “LQ” song. Was going to just be a dance tune but now it runs the gamut of styles and time signatures (of course)
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April 27, 2021

HH Musical

  • Worked on the final song (both the last song left and the finale of the play itself).
  • Wrote some decent verses and found ways to incorporate a few of the previous songs in a medley of sorts.
  • But the big news was that in writing the verse to explain the fate of one of the characters I realized that it was bad. As in, the way that character was handled was too dark; it doesn’t suit the light-hearted tone of the rest of the play.
  • Kate and I brainstormed a few alternatives and I’ve asked Greg to start thinking of alternate narratives for her.
  • So, the script still needs a rewrite. The size of which is to be determined.


  • My pal Matt stopped by to lend me a kalimba with a built-in mic and looping circuitry. New musical toy to play with! Let’s see what happens.
    • He also asked me to make a recording of the loop that he has stored in there. There will be Radio Shack Frankensteining.
  • Coincidentally, I was invited to participate in International Drone Day a few hours before Matt came by. The kalimba could be my way into that adventure. More to come.
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April 26, 2021

HH Musical

  • Began recording Phase 2 demos.
    • Phase 1 was extremely crude and quick recordings on my phone so I don’t forget how the songs go.
    • Phase 2 is with nice mic and guitar pickup that I’ll be able to share with cast and band.
    • Phase 3, I guess, will be in prep for album recording (a waaayyys off)
  • In recording demo for 1st song I realized that I need a woman singer to help me find the proper key and record demos. Hmm.
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