Adam Rabin | Winter Song

“Summer came and went. The sun it never shined.”
This is how I am processing 2020 – with a song. The thing about New Year’s Eve in Vermont is that on one hand we get hopeful about a fresh new year to come. But we also know that January means we’re looking down the barrel of four months (at least) of deep dark Winter. When the sun does come back, we swear we’ll enjoy the fuck out of it.

I wrote “Winter Song” in late November/early December 2020. The bridge section (“Denial turns to wrath”) borrows a riff from the old Mailbox tune “Europa” from the Attempt No Landing album. Since every single deserves a b-side, I reimagined it in the style of the a-side for “Second Winter Song.”

Special thanks to Chris Titchner for vocal guidance on this tune.

Track List

  1. Winter Song
  2. Second Winter Song