January 30, 2021

This lazy Saturday is turning out to be quite blog-worthy.

HH Musical

  • Got first feedback on the play, from Sam Kurnit. Favorable and constructive.
  • Passed it on to Greg. Waiting to hear back from him.
  • I need to start a new document with everybody’s feedback. Email chains get out of hand very quickly.


  • Arranged and recorded parts for “Blame” – electric guitar, bass and drum programming, loops, etc.
  • We were both very pleased with it.
  • Once she gives it a few more listens, we’ll chat about what we like, don’t like, and want to add.

Adam Rabin solo

  • Set a date and time for recording my appearance on Tod Pronto’s “Coffee with Tod” show.
  • I have the 3-song set list boiled down to 4 songs.
  • Will spend more time today rehearsing.