Elephants of Scotland | Home Away From Home

Through all my time with Mailbox, I always had a side stash of songs that were too rocking and epic to do without the right live band.¬†And then I thought, I should start a Prog Rock band. That’ll make me big and successful. And so it was. This is the debut album by Elephants of Scotland which includes some of those songs and others that were written in collaboration with the guys.

This new expanded reissue includes a powerful new mix of the album plus the entire album again in instrumental versions. The new mix is only available through the MP3 Download link. Crank it!

Track List

  1. Geograph
  2. Full Power
  3. Starboard
  4. The Seed
  5. Home Away From Home
  6. Errol McSquisitor
  7. Geograph (instrumental)
  8. Full Power (instrumental)
  9. Starboard (instrumental)
  10. The Seed (instrumental)
  11. Home Away From Home (instrumental)
  12. Errol McSquisitor (instrumental)