July 14, 2021


  • Practiced here with her for Aug 26 show

Neb Crabula

  • Greg recorded his vocals for “All Day All Flavors” and sent them over.
  • Had a quick listen and they’re solid. Will place them in the project tomorrow.
  • I picked up a vocoder/vocal synth plug-in yesterday and am familiarizing myself with it. Other-worldly vocals are what this tune needs, not anything real-sounding.
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June 27, 2021

Adam Rabin or Neb Crabula

  • Greg and I collaborated on Zoom on “All Day All Flavors”
  • Everything was written when we hung up
  • I came up with a nice piano outro later that now needs a lyric
  • Also wrote 3 variations on chorus chord structure to keep things interesting
  • Once I have skeleton of track done I’ll send it to Greg so he can lay down his voice part
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June 22, 2021

Neb Crabula (Elephants of Scotland?)

  • A spoken word piece that Greg sent me a month or two ago and an instrumental idea I sent him a few weeks ago seem to have found each other.
  • “All Day All Flavors” – let’s see where this one goes.

Adam Rabin

  • Taught myself Andy Summers’ “Love is the Strangest Way”
  • Always wanted to cover that one. Maybe I will.
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