April 12, 2021

Uke Skywalker

  • Watched Mr. Skywalker’s proposed video for track I remixed last month. Brilliant job. Can’t wait for him to go public with it.

HH Musical

  • Work continues apace on cuts.
  • Script topped out at 180 pages. I’m hoping to bring it down to 120. That seems insane – cutting literally 1/3 of the script but I’m most of the way there and I don’t feel that the story has been compromised.
  • If anything, the real story is being revealed through this process.
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April 7, 2021

HH Musical

  • Read through the newly combined scenes with Greg. Totally worked!
  • Now it’s time to get back through from the beginning and start removing the various threads that are not essential.
  • Also, came up with plan for finale. Wont be a new song but a recap of several prior songs already written.
  • The polish is going on.
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April 3, 2021

HH Musical

  • Spent several hours combing Act II, Scenes 3, 4, and 6 into one action-packed scene.
  • Reduced 32 pages to 17 pages. Though I have a few lines of dialog still to add.
  • It’s not just shorter, it is better. More to-the-point and exciting which is exactly what the play needs in the home stretch.
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April 1, 2021

Last week in summary:

HH Musical

  • Drew up an alternate scene outline for the second half of act 2. It works and I’m excited about how compressing this part of the play will add excitement and intensity that was missing.
  • Greg suggested a seed of an idea for yet another alternate scene outline. I took his idea and ran with it. Same intensity, same savings.
  • Each version has its pros/cons. We’re each going to spend a day or so contemplating each before deciding which direction to go.

Adam Rabin

  • Wrote some cool chord progressions on the new Ibanez electric (which I also did a slight neck tweak on)
  • Just needs lyrics. I don’t want to overthink/over-arrange this one. Just let it rock. Kind of has an 80s English new wave vibe.
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