January 25, 2021


  • Had a long Zoom chat with Greg to talk about February projects.
  • There won’t be an album-in-a-month this year. Too many other projects of various sizes are already underway or committed to for the coming months.
    • Greg has a writing project of his own.
    • I will be performing on Tim Lewis’ Sounds of Burlington at Robot Dog Studio on February 12th. (No release date yet.) I will be rehearsing for that big time over the next two weeks.
    • I am producing DonnCherie’s tracks. I have arrangements and instrumentations to work on.
    • If there is one project I’m planning on completing in February it’s the musical. I’ve softly committed to finishing the songwriting by 2/28.

Groundhog Day

  • I’m done remixing the GD catalog. On listening back to everything, I came to several realization about what the project was, what it means to me now, and what I should do with those recordings going forward.
  • With that in mind, Scott and I settled on a track list for a compilation of the “Essential” tracks and I will release that this week.
  • I removed the complete four albums from the web. They’re now “out of print.”
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January 24, 2021

February Album-in-a-month / RPM Challenge

February is coming and I’m starting to think about the RPM Challenge again. Do I dive back in so soon. I took 8 years off last time. Is one year enough recovery time? Last night and this morning I brainstormed the following list of possible projects I could do in February for the RPM Challenge. I realize many of these of not strictly to RPM standards in that I wouldn’t be starting from scratch on February 1st but I don’t mind bending that rule this year.

  1. Picnic*
    • Record the first song Greg and I wrote together back in 1991 with Greg on guitar.
  2. Neb Crabula 2014 tracks*
    • Greg laid down a handful of guitars and vocals when he came up to visit for a possible Neb Crabula EP.
    • I could flesh them out by recording the drums, keys, etc.
  3. Unfinished Solo Tunes
    • I have a handful of solo tracks in various stages of completion I could finish up.
  4. Mahout concept album*
    • Mahout is traditionally Greg talking and me making music that goes behind it.
    • The three words “Mahout concept album” popped into my head yesterday so I texted them to Greg and we chatted about them.
  5. Nothing
    • Literally. Do nothing but chill, goof off, take the month off from music.
    • This is always an option.
  6. The Musical
    • Finish writing the songs for the musical we’ve been working on.
    • Maybe even record some backing tracks for them
    • File this option under “Should.”
  7. Conventional solo album
    • Like it says. Me just hammering out an album on my own.
    • Been there, done that.
    • But to be fair, I won’t be inviting anybody over to my house during lockdown so this might be it.
  8. Mailbox Live
    • Pick 30-60 minutes of classic Mailbox material to record and video in a “live”-like setting in the studio.
    • Mix and master it for a “broadcast” at the end of the month.
    • Easy and fun idea if not the most ground-breaking.
  9. Elephants of Scotland album
    • Write an album of EoS material and record my parts (drums, keys, acoustic, vocals).
    • Yeah, just write a whole prog album. Make it a double-length concept album while yer at it, ya nutjob.
    • I would record the rest of the band and finish the album up after the world opens up again.
  10. Elephants of Scotland Acoustic Album
    • Re-record a bunch of EoS tunes in a more acoustic style.
    • I’ve done “The Other Room” and “Full Power” in the past and I liked how they turned out.
  11. Different Collaborator
    • Instead of EoS or Neb Crabula, write and record an album with somebody else (preferably just me and one other)
  12. Backing Tracks
    • Jam out an album’s worth of instrumentals that somebody could add songs on top of later.
  13. Radio show
    • I was provisionally invited to appear on a radio show/podcast to perform a few songs and get interviewed.
    • If that happens, I should probably focus on rehearsing for that.
    • And I think I’d be able to release it.

* Would require Greg’s availability. Our schedules are looking like they might not jibe this February.

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January 9, 2021

HH Musical

  • Made quick and dirty demos of a few songs. A few left to do before moving on to writing the final batch of songs.
  • After quick chat with Greg, I sent a copy of the play to a friend here in town. May send it to another friend in the next few days.
    • This is a big step – sharing it with somebody other than ourselves and our wives.
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January 3, 2021

HH Musical

  • Focused work on the songs now. About 2/3 of the songs are written – roughly.
  • I printed out the lyrics for those and am rehearsing and refining them now.
  • This will probably keep me busy for the next week or two.
  • I’d like to have all the songs written but I know I’ll do better working on them in a two separate chunks. Don’t want to get overwhelmed.
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December 23, 2020

HH Musical

  • Last night and this morning I finished writing the song for the opening scene. Very pleased; it hits all the notes I wanted to hit.

Adam Rabin

  • Been practicing vocals for “Winter Song” in hopes of being ready for a stress-free tracking session this weekend.
  • New Year’s Eve release?

Groundhog Day

  • On a whim, remixed “And Comes in Dreams” and “Salsa #5” the last couple days. That’s some weird stuff.
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December 5, 2020

HH Musical

  • Another excellent 90-minute writing session with Greg.
  • Finalized a new small spoken passage that helps round out the leading woman’s story arc.
  • Further refined the song list including removing 2 or 3 proposed songs. Ahhh, made my job a lot easier.
  • After the call I finished writing “B.O.P.” song by adding a couple verses and tweaking the dialog between verses.
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December 1, 2020


  • Practiced for “No Idea!” improv show on 12/3. Getting some chord progressions into my brain.


  • Released new “What’s In The Box?” mix

HH Musical

  • Reacquainting myself with the script. Reassessing where songs could/should go.
  • Began smoothing out lead female character’s arc. It changed slightly throughout the first draft process so I needed to tweak a few lines.
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