April 14, 2022

Hatchford Hotel

  • Last night’s rehearsal was canceled due to a cast member getting Covid and another losing a babysitter. It happens.

The dominoes fell from there.

  • I rescheduled Chris’ trip up for EoS vocals to 3 or 4 weeks later so that I could…
  • Reschedule DC’s recording session that was canceled last week due to my own Covid scare for next weekend (If I hadn’t, I would’ve had to push her out two more weeks.)
  • I left next Saturday open because shit happens
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February 26, 2022

Studio re-organization day. Added second monitor (oooh!). Added side shelf for audio interface.


  • I spent time over the last few days trying to make the original guitar trackĀ for “A New Day” sound good. Nope.
  • Re-recorded acoustic guitar with new Seagull guitar and better mic set up.
  • Started new mix with that new guitar – so much easier.
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