#05: Adam Rabin “A Little Too Long”

Written, recorded, video’d, mixed, edited all on Saturday, March 25, 2017 by Adam Rabin.
All video is from the actual recording. No lip syncing. I didn’t have time! 🙂

I took a few suggestions of cities and garments from my friends on Facebook in the morning then got to work.

She set out from Tuscaloosa
On the road to Walla Walla
She left her boring old abuser
For her new gentleman caller

A case of Red Bull and of Clif Bars
Her iPod looped her favorite song
Underneath her father’s trench coat
She wore a garter and a corset and a thong

And as she saw the change of seasons
She came to terms with all the reasons
And maybe she had waited just a little too long

Forty hours North and West
With a stopover in Austin
To see her friend from way back when
Back from the time our innocence was lost in

The gal had just moved down to Texas
After serving three of ten
For laying out her late ex-boyfriend
But it was only self-defense

And so she saw a dozen seasons
She did her time for all the reasons
And maybe she had waited just a little too long

Half a day straight up the 35
Straight through Omaha where no one was alive
Made her connection up in Minneapolis
It’s not for us to judge for she would only laugh at us.

Hopped up on speed balls now
she gunned it through the Northern Plains
Still in her underwear
with new love pumping through her veins
Her suitor from Seattle couldn’t wait another day
He did what bad boys do to pass the idle time away

Wearing nothing but his ascot
Hooked up to the chandelier
The stool had tipped over and fallen
But his smile stretched from ear to ear

And so she got back in her car
And turned right back around
If she was gonna be alone
She wouldn’t let it get her down

She saw a hundred changing seasons
She’d come to terms with all the reasons
But never again would she wait so long

Why do we wait so long?